a field-theory motivated approach to computer algebra

Change log

The list below gives a human-readable overview of the changes from one version to the next. For details of precisely what is changed at the code level, consult the github repository. Odd patch levels correspond to versions in development, even numbered ones are released in packaged form.

github microtex branch (2.5.x)

github master branch (2.5.2)

2.5.2 (released 14-Jun-2024)

2.4.4 (released 20-Sep-2023)

2.4.2 (released 22-Oct-2022)

2.4.0 (released 25-Aug-2022)

2.3.8 (released 21-Nov-2021)

2.3.6 (released 30-Dec-2020)

2.3.4 (released 16-Nov-2020)

2.3.2 (released 31-Oct-2020)

2.3.0 (released 10-Jun-2020)

2.2.8 (released 10-Dec-2019)

2.2.7 (released 25-Jun-2019)

2.2.6 (released 16-Apr-2019)

2.2.5 (released 05-Feb-2019)

2.2.4 (released 19-Dec-2018)

2.2.0 "Easter Bunny" (released 29-Mar-2018)

2.1.7 (released 20-Nov-2017)

2.1.6 (released 1-Nov-2017)

2.1.5 (released 6-Aug-2017)

2.1.4 (released 14-Apr-2017)

2.1.2 (released 4-Jan-2017)

2.1.1 (released 3-Jan-2017)

2.1.0 (released 3-Jan-2017)

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