a field-theory motivated approach to computer algebra


Eliminates vielbein objects.
Indices of one type can be converted to another type by using a vielbein or inverse vielbein object.
{ m, n, p }::Indices(flat). { \mu, \nu, \rho }::Indices(curved). e^{m}_{\mu}::Vielbein. ex:= H_{m n p} e^{m}_{\mu} e^{p}_{\rho}; eliminate_vielbein(_, repeat=True);
\(\displaystyle{}H_{m n p} e^{m}\,_{\mu} e^{p}\,_{\rho}\)
H_{m n p} e^{m}_{\mu} e^{p}_{\rho}
\(\displaystyle{}H_{\mu n \rho}\)
H_{\mu n \rho}
This is similar to eliminate_metric.
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