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In the 1.x, the installation for the Microsoft Windows was abandoned due to its difficulty to programming and adaptation. I would like to know whether this policy will continue in the new version too?

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It's not very high on my agenda at the moment, mostly because of lack of time. The 2.x series should, however, be a lot easier to provide a windows version for. The build system is a lot cleaner and it depends on far fewer weird libraries. Would you be willing to help build/test?

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Well, I am not an expert in programming but it would be a pleasure to help developing Cadabra. If you give me some hints and manuals about build/test I will learn quickly and help to develop.

The first thing to do is to get a C++ compiler up and running, and attempt to build the libraries on which Cadabra depends. I would probably choose to use the mingw compiler (a variant of gcc) and msys2 unix layer, because that gives you gtkmm and a whole lot of others essentially for free. See


as a starting point.

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Windows is now officially supported, and an installer is available from the download page.

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