a field-theory motivated approach to computer algebra


Split a Dirac gamma matrix off a generalised product of gamma matrices.
Given a generalised product of Dirac gamma matrices, rewrite it as a product with an explicit single gamma matrix. This is the inverse of the join_gamma algorithm. An example:
\Gamma{#}::GammaMatrix(metric=\eta); ex:=\Gamma^{m n p};
\(\displaystyle{}\text{Attached property GammaMatrix to }\Gamma\left(\#\right).\)
\(\displaystyle{}\Gamma^{m n p}\)
split_gamma(_, on_back=False);
\(\displaystyle{}\Gamma^{m} \Gamma^{n p}-\Gamma^{p} \eta^{m n}+\Gamma^{n} \eta^{m p}\)
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