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Declares an object to transform as a spinor.
Declares an object to be a spinor, i.e. transforming in one of the spinor representations of the orthogonal or Lorentz group. The declaration should involve an indication of the dimension, as in the example below. It can optionally have type indicators (these should be {\tt Majorana}, {\tt Weyl} or {\tt MajoranaWeyl}) and chirality indicators for Weyl spinors ({\tt Positive} or {\tt Negative}, indicating the eigenvalue with respect to the generalised $\gamma_5$ matrix). Here is an example:
\psi::Spinor(dimension=11, type=Majorana);
\(\displaystyle{}\text{Attached property Spinor to }\psi.\)
This property is taken into account by various algorithms such as fierz and sort_spinors.
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