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cadabra::Ex_hasher Class Reference

#include <Hash.hh>

Public Types

using result_t = size_t

Public Member Functions

 Ex_hasher ()
 Ex_hasher (HashFlags flags)
result_t operator() (const Ex &ex) const
result_t operator() (Ex::iterator it) const
void set_flags (HashFlags flags)
HashFlags get_flags () const
void add_flags (HashFlags flags)
void remove_flags (HashFlags flags)

Private Member Functions

result_t hash (Ex::iterator it, bool toplevel) const
bool flag_set (HashFlags flag) const

Private Attributes

HashFlags flags

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ result_t

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Ex_hasher() [1/2]

cadabra::Ex_hasher::Ex_hasher ( )

◆ Ex_hasher() [2/2]

cadabra::Ex_hasher::Ex_hasher ( HashFlags  flags)

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_flags()

void cadabra::Ex_hasher::add_flags ( HashFlags  flags)

◆ flag_set()

bool cadabra::Ex_hasher::flag_set ( HashFlags  flag) const

◆ get_flags()

HashFlags cadabra::Ex_hasher::get_flags ( ) const

◆ hash()

Ex_hasher::result_t cadabra::Ex_hasher::hash ( Ex::iterator  it,
bool  toplevel 
) const

◆ operator()() [1/2]

Ex_hasher::result_t cadabra::Ex_hasher::operator() ( const Ex ex) const

◆ operator()() [2/2]

Ex_hasher::result_t cadabra::Ex_hasher::operator() ( Ex::iterator  it) const

◆ remove_flags()

void cadabra::Ex_hasher::remove_flags ( HashFlags  flags)

◆ set_flags()

void cadabra::Ex_hasher::set_flags ( HashFlags  flags)

Member Data Documentation

◆ flags

HashFlags cadabra::Ex_hasher::flags

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