Computer algebra system for field theory problems
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#include "Hash.hh"


 Functions to handle the exchange properties of two or more symbols in a product.


using cadabra::flags_base_t = std::underlying_type_t< HashFlags >


void hash_combine (size_t &seed, size_t modifier)
template<typename T >
size_t do_hash (const T &t)
HashFlags cadabra::operator~ (HashFlags flags)
HashFlags cadabra::operator| (HashFlags lhs, HashFlags rhs)
HashFlags cadabra::operator& (HashFlags lhs, HashFlags rhs)
HashFlags & cadabra::operator|= (HashFlags &lhs, HashFlags rhs)
HashFlags & cadabra::operator&= (HashFlags &lhs, HashFlags rhs)
Ex_hasher::result_t cadabra::hash_ex (Ex::iterator it, HashFlags flags)
bool cadabra::hash_compare (Ex::iterator lhs, Ex::iterator rhs, HashFlags flags)

Function Documentation

◆ do_hash()

template<typename T >
size_t do_hash ( const T &  t)

◆ hash_combine()

void hash_combine ( size_t &  seed,
size_t  modifier