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    Basic definitions
    {\mu,\nu,\rho,\tau,\sigma,\lambda,\alpha,\beta,\tau,\gamma}::Indices(values={t,r,\theta,\phi}, position=fixed).

    Metric definition
    g := { g_{t t} = -exp(F(r)), 
        g_{r r} = exp(G(r)), 
        g_{\theta\theta} = r**2, 
        g_{\phi\phi}=r**2 \sin(\theta)**2
    complete(g, $g^{\mu\nu}$);

Christofel f second kind
    Christoffel2nd := \Gamma^{\tau}_{\mu\nu} = 1/2 g^{\tau\rho} (
        + \partial_{\nu}{g_{\mu\rho}}
        - \partial_{\rho}{g_{\mu\nu}}
    evaluate(Christoffel2nd, g, rhsonly=True);

Rieman tensor
    Riemann := R^{\rho}_{\mu\tau\nu} = \partial_{\tau}{\Gamma^{\rho}_{\nu\mu}}
        - \partial_{\nu}{\Gamma^{\rho}_{\tau\mu}}
        + \Gamma^{\rho}_{\tau\sigma}\Gamma^{\sigma}_{\nu\mu}
        - \Gamma^{\rho}_{\nu\sigma}\Gamma^{\sigma}_{\tau\mu}.
    substitute( Riemann, Christoffel2nd)
    lRieman := R_{\alpha\beta\mu\nu} = g_{\sigma\alpha}R^{\sigma}_{\beta\mu\nu};
    substitute( lRieman, Riemann)
    evaluate( lRieman, g, rhsonly=True )

    Ricci tensor and scalar
    RicciT := R_{\mu\nu} = g^{\alpha\beta} R_{\beta\mu\alpha\nu};
    substitute( RicciT, lRieman)
    evaluate( RicciT, g, rhsonly=True );
    RicciS := R = g^{\mu\nu}R_{\mu\nu};
    substitute( RicciS, RicciT )
    evaluate( RicciS, g, rhsonly=True );

Einstein tensor
    Einstein := G_{\mu\nu} = R_{\mu\nu} - 1/2 g_{\mu\nu} R;
    substitute( Einstein, RicciT )
    substitute( Einstein, RicciS )
    evaluate( Einstein, g, rhsonly=True);

The F and G dependecies is working sometime as it is, sometimes I need to place explicitly argument of r in the functions F(r) and G(r) instead only F and G in the metric definition

If metric is written with e**{F} not exp(F), it produces strange log(e) but this seems to happen because of sympy

Ricc tensor, the phi phi and theta theta components are fine, but there is additional 6r^-2 term in the rr component, tt seems fine. In both cases the numerical coefficients seem oddlu off some even multiple

The ricci scalar has some 5r\partial_r G(r), and whit this "5" in front of it seems very off.

In some cases the Einstein tensor is evaluated in some cases it is failing with, some SyntaxError: unexpected character after line continuation character (, line ) and tracebacks it to python3.6 suympy_parser.py eval_expr and parse_exprr. Very odd. since it happens when I change some of the expresions in the metric and nothing on Cadabra code

Those problems remain despite restarting kernele and ec.t

I am using version 2.2.0 build private date 2018-08-07, which is from

Components of the tensors

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Great post... very complete, and detailed discussion. Thank you for the report, and also Thanks to Kasper for the quick solution!

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Thanks for reporting this. The main issue is a bug in computing dependencies of expressions like exp(F(r)), which fail to figure out that this depends on r. I have just pushed a fix to github which solves this (your notebook then reproduces the Ricci tensor/scalar results in that PDF file).

The last error (when computing the Einstein tensor) is something weird in the bridge to sympy. Will look into that.

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