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At present, Cadabra2 just support English input when cell is LaTeX. If other languages, e.g. Chinese, can be supported, this software should be easier to use for some users. This should be an important feature for people whose native language is not English. Maybe add an option related to it to settings to make this possible.

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I have no knowledge about non-European languages, so this will require some help from someone else. It is most likely a matter of including the right LaTeX packages when typesetting the cells.

Related to this, there will soon be a release of Cadabra which uses a different typesetting engine under the hood, and which accepts UTF8. I have no idea whether that will solve your problems, but I will post here when that version is ready for testing.

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Ok, I look forward to it.

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The microtex branch now contains a version of Cadabra which no longer relies on LaTeX for maths typesetting. You can either build that yourself, or try the new (and still experimental) AppImage builds from the download page.

Let me know if this helps with the issue you reported please.

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Is the method of build of this branch is fully the same as that of the master branch?

Yes. If you build it with the default cmake settings you get a notebook interface in which you can switch between rendering using an external LaTeX or rendering using the built-in MicroTeX (option in View / Maths Rendering).

When I switch to directory cadabra2, then use

git pull https://github.com/kpeeters/cadabra2/tree/microtex

I got error report:

fatal: repository '[https://github.com/kpeeters/cadabra2/tree/microtex/](https://github.com/kpeeters/cadabra2/tree/microtex/)' not found

I am naive for git, can you give me more details how to build from this branch?

No, after you cd cadabra2, you do

git pull

to bring your tree up-to-date, and then

git switch microtex

to switch to the microtex branch.

It works. But there's a bug, e.g. \part*{a} in latex cell cannot generate the right result.

There are many LaTeX commands/macros which will not work, in particular sectioning/chapters/parts are very limited right now. There is also an issue with line wrapping. Give it a bit more time, I'll get around to fixing those issues eventually.

Ok. Thanks for your hard work.