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Sorry I have still some bizarre errors with index replacing. For this example notebook:

{ A^{i},A2}::Depends(\commutator{#}).
{ A^{i}, A2 }::Commuting.

def post_process(ex):

defA2:={A2-> A^{l}A^{l}};


exp:=A^kA^k \delta^{i j} /A2;

A^{k} A^{k} \delta^{i j} (A2)**(-1)


A^{i} A^{i} (A^{i} A^{i})**(-1)

The \delta dissappeared and index i is repeated!! I use Version 2.4.3 (build 2889.b1e0fefe3e dated 2022-12-18) Thanks!

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Hi Jorge,

I guess that your example is a simplified version of a more complex manipulation, so my suggestion might not be as useful as expected.

I would rather simplify the index structure of the expression with the substitution rule, i.e.

defA2:={A^{l} A^{l} -> A2};

In addition, I added a line to the post_process algorithm,



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Thank you for your suggestion and your interest. My example is a minimal notebook but I got anomalies in more complex calculations. After Kasper's correction of the triple index bug, I wanted also to be sure that my cadabra last version is running correctly and the bug is reproduced by other users. Unfortunately I have not enough programming skills for contribute for searching such a bug.

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This is bug in eliminate_kronecker, which does not respect the grouping introduced by the inverse power. I have opened an issue at https://github.com/kpeeters/cadabra2/issues/271 ; will try to fix it but it may take a few days.

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