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Will cadabra work with free Wolfram Engine instead of full Mathematica?

Another question is whether Mathematica/WolframEngine must be installed on the computer on which cadabra is being built, or whether the option -DENABLE_MATHEMATICA=ON is sufficient.

Thank you!

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I haven't tried with Wolfram Engine, but if what they write is true, then it should work. Be aware that I haven't built against Mathematica for a long time, so things like the CMake support to figure out where the Wolfram software is located on disk may not work. Also, the code that bridges between Cadabra and Mathematica notation is not as tested as that to SymPy.

You do need the Wolfram software installed locally as Cadabra will need the headers of the WRSTP library https://www.wolfram.com/wstp/ to build. I cannot distribute those along with Cadabra as that violates Wolfram's terms.

If you do give it a try, please post here to let us know how it went.

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I tested and found that the cmake module can't find the Wolfram Engine, but this can be easily fixed: one has to create a symlink somewhere in the $PATH (for example, in /usr/bin) to the file /opt/WolframEngine/Executables/math (here the initial part /opt/WolframEngine can be different in different installation).

After this small fix, it works!

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