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I had a query regarding copying of a output expression and feeding that to another expression in another file. I have a Windows system and find it difficult to install Cadabra 2 in my system. Therefore I am working on Jupyter notebook cloud for Cadabra computation using Cadabra as the kernel.

I have made a set of 6 files which calculates the Christoffel symbols of a complicated metric perturbatively, and inorder to compute the Riemann tensor I need to feed the output of these six files as inputs for this. when I am trying to copy paste the output using Ctrl -C, Ctrl -V it didnt work and when i tried to copy the tex code in teh out put and tried to feed that as a input cadabra in jupyter notebook) didnt show the output. Can you please guide me how to efficiently do this ?

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Copy-paste is almost never the right solution for this kind of problem, as it means that for any change you make later, you have to go through that manual process again.

Instead, in those 6 files, write the final expression to disk as described in


(see the "writing expressions to a file and reading them back" section) and then read them back into your main notebook.

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Thanks it worked...