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Current documentation for installation on Apple products works for Intel machines but when I try to install it on the M1 machine because of some dependencies are built for arm64 I can not install it. Will there be a support for Apple Silicon in the future?

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Lucky you. Donations for the purchase of M1 hardware can be made by paypal ;-)

What is the dependency you are struggling with?

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If only we had paypal :))

This is the error I am getting.

==> Installing cadabra2 from kpeeters/repo
Error: kpeeters/repo/cadabra2 dependencies not built for the x86_64 CPU architecture:
pkg-config was built for arm64
pkgconfig was built for arm64
jpeg was built for arm64
libtiff was built for arm64

If that's your only problem in making a donation, then I'm sure we can find some other way to get the money here ;-)

All of those are homebrew issues. Ask on their mailing list please (and report back here if there is a useful response).

Oh I see.

Alright, I will ask them. Thanks for the help :)

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The current version 2.3.8 builds from source on Apple silicon.

I have also updated the homebrew tap so you can install that way too.

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