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Hi guys,

I am currently looking for a way to copy some outputs, put them into mathematica and let mathematica solve the equations from the outputs.

But as far as I know, there is a method to obtain useful output in mathematica readable format: print(ex.mma_form()).

My latex in Cadabra outputs are too long or maybe too heavy, so the print(ex.mma_form()) results in making my cadabra crash. Then I tried some simple expressions to use print(ex.mma_form()). It worked out, showed the result it in Cadabra. But I still can not copy and paste them, is there any simple short solution for this issue?

Best, Yi

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If you click the expression, there is no feedback, but you can then paste into another application.

Alternatively, write your expressions into a file. Or use the map_mma functionality (only available if you build Cadabra from source yourself and pass -DENABLE_MATHEMATICA=ON to cmake).

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Dear Kasper,

Thanks a lot for the response. I found a solution by export the expression into a tex file and then copy paste it into mathematica via "ToExpress" there. It worked out perfectly. Still nice to know other solutions!

Have a nice day!

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