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This question is not really about cadabra, but when I work with the same expressions in cadabra notebook and in jupyter notebook, large expressions in cadabra are displayed normally, for example like this: cadabra example

and in Jupiter they seem to be unable to render, like this: jupyter example

Maybe someone knows how this can be fixed?

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2 Answers

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That is Mathjax not being fully compatible with LaTeX. If you can figure out precisely what makes Mathjax refuse this expression then I can probably try to work around it.

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Mathjax does not write any error, but somewhere in the middle the expression ceases to be in the yellow box. I think it's just too long for Mathjax enter image description here

Yes, the mathjax documentation says that the maximum size for the internal TeX string is 5*1024, and my string was 5621 character. So, I don't know, what can be done with that, perhaps you can think of something with the output format in principle, but you already have many other problems.

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I increased the buffer size of mathjax as described in this question and it worked.


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