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After updating to v2.2.3, the following code

connection := \Gamma^{\mu}_{\nu\rho} = 1/2 g^{\mu\sigma} ( \partial_{\rho}{g_{\nu\sigma}} + \partial_{\nu}{g_{\rho\sigma}} -\partial_{\sigma}{g_{\nu\rho}} );

will spit out

$$ \Gamma^{\mu}\,{\nu \rho} = \frac{1}{2}g^{\mu \sigma} \left(\partial{\rho}{g{\nu \sigma}} \oplus \partial{\nu}{g{\rho \sigma}}-\partial{\sigma}{g_{\nu \rho}}\right), $$

it's wrong. And the following code

ex:=\sin(\varphi)**2 \sin(\theta)**2;

will give

$$ {\sin\left(\varphi\right)}^{2} {\left(\sin{\theta}\right)}^{2} $$

the result is also strange.

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The first one was caused by the new code to print products, which handles Young tableaux correctly but decided to print all products as tensor products too. The second one has been around for some time and has to do with the \varphi, which was not treated as a Greek character.

Both fixed now in github/master.

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It works fine, thanks.