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1.How to make following equation have sense?


2.How to make all commutators

[a b... , c d...] or \commutaor{a b... }{ c d...]


a b... c d... - c d... a b...
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Use fm and fp and define


To expand, use

substitute(_, $\commutator{A??}{B??} -> A?? B?? - B?? A??$);

Does that help?

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Yes, it does. I'm so sorry that I have not give more details about problems. In fact, I want make following equation have sense:


So write that with the above as

ex:= fm_{\mu\nu} + fp_{\mu\nu} + fp^{\mu\nu};

(and declare your indices with position=free to allow you to have expressions where the index positions do not match up. So in full,

ex:= fm_{\mu\nu} + fp_{\mu\nu} + fp^{\mu\nu};

to give

$$f_{-\mu\nu} + f_{+\mu\nu} + {f_{+}}^{\mu\nu}$$

Thanks a lot. It is what I want.