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Two basic questions regarding Cadabra 2:

  1. In Cadabra 1, if the command is ended with :, then the corresponding output is suppressed. How to do the same in Cadabra 2?

  2. Is it possible to change font size at this stage? I'm using Ubuntu.

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Do not end it with anything. So

ex:= A+B:

to enter expressions, and then

substitute(ex, $A = C$)

to act with an algorithm without showing output. The logic being that the latter is simply a Python statement, and statements by default do not show output.

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Line break in Cadabra 2
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Font size can now be changed using the 'Font size' entry in the 'View' menu.

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Thanks a lot! Just a small problem - the file in usr/share/applications/Cadabra2.desktop is not getting the icon properly...

That file should have been removed by 'sudo make install', and replaced with cadabra2-gtk.desktop. It didn't?

cadabra2-gtk.desktop does appear in this location: /usr/local/share/applications. But somehow it's not taking the png file and the icon is not appearing. I reinstalled several times.

There is something fundamentally broken in the way freedesktop.org's rules work for icons. Sigh... Have you tried logging out and logging back in?

Yeah, I did it many times - no change. BTW, in my system, all the desktop files are in /usr/share/applications (instead of /usr/local...). Cadabra 1 is also there. I didn't notice where it was for Cadabra 2 before this update, but the icon was working then...