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I tried to build Fedora 29 rpm from source, but received the error during 'sudo cpack3':

Compiling /home/sun/Building_programs/cadabra2/build/_CPack_Packages/fedora/RPM/cadabra2-2.2.4-fedora/usr/local/share/cadabra2/python/cadabra2_defaults.py ...
File "/usr/local/share/cadabra2/python/cadabra2_defaults.py", line 36
*parents, name = fullname.split('.')
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

(I have used cmake3 to build, it was successful. My Python is 3.7.2)

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I'll have a look tomorrow.

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I have made a few changes to detect Fedora 29 and build the package appropriately (using normal cmake, not cmake3). The resulting package is now available from the download page.

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It works, thank you!