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snoop::Snoop::AppEntry Class Reference


C++ representation of a run entry.

#include <Snoop.hh>

Public Member Functions

 AppEntry ()
 AppEntry (const std::string &uuid_, uint64_t create_millis_, uint64_t receive_millis_, uint64_t pid_, const std::string &ip_address_, const std::string &machine_id_, const std::string &app_name_, const std::string &app_version_, const std::string &user_id_, int server_status_, int create_timezone)
std::string to_json (bool human_readable) const
void from_json (const nlohmann::json &)

Public Attributes

int id
std::string uuid
uint64_t create_millis
uint64_t receive_millis
uint64_t pid
std::string ip_address
std::string machine_id
std::string app_name
std::string app_version
std::string user_id
int server_status
bool connected
int create_timezone

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AppEntry() [1/2]

Snoop::AppEntry::AppEntry ( )

◆ AppEntry() [2/2]

Snoop::AppEntry::AppEntry ( const std::string &  uuid_,
uint64_t  create_millis_,
uint64_t  receive_millis_,
uint64_t  pid_,
const std::string &  ip_address_,
const std::string &  machine_id_,
const std::string &  app_name_,
const std::string &  app_version_,
const std::string &  user_id_,
int  server_status_,
int  create_timezone 

Member Function Documentation

◆ from_json()

void Snoop::AppEntry::from_json ( const nlohmann::json &  entry)

◆ to_json()

std::string Snoop::AppEntry::to_json ( bool  human_readable) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ app_name

std::string snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::app_name

◆ app_version

std::string snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::app_version

◆ connected

bool snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::connected

◆ create_millis

uint64_t snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::create_millis

◆ create_timezone

int snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::create_timezone

◆ id

int snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::id

◆ ip_address

std::string snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::ip_address

◆ machine_id

std::string snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::machine_id

◆ pid

uint64_t snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::pid

◆ receive_millis

uint64_t snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::receive_millis

◆ server_status

int snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::server_status

◆ user_id

std::string snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::user_id

◆ uuid

std::string snoop::Snoop::AppEntry::uuid

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