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snoop Namespace Reference


class  Flush
class  Snoop
 Logging class with functionality to send log information to a remote server using a websocket connection. More...
class  SnoopImpl


Flush flush
Snoop log
const char info [] ="info"
const char warn [] ="warning"
const char error [] ="error"
const char fatal [] ="fatal"
const char email [] ="email"

Variable Documentation

◆ email

const char snoop::email[] ="email"

◆ error

const char snoop::error[] ="error"

◆ fatal

const char snoop::fatal[] ="fatal"

◆ flush

snoop::Flush snoop::flush

◆ info

const char snoop::info[] ="info"

◆ log

snoop::Snoop snoop::log

◆ warn

const char snoop::warn[] ="warning"