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cadabra::TeXView Class Reference


TeXView is a widget which knows how to turn a string into a LaTeX-rendered image and display that.

See gtkmm custom widget documentation at:

#include <TeXView.hh>

Inheritance diagram for cadabra::TeXView:


class  TeXArea

Public Member Functions

 TeXView (TeXEngine &, DTree::iterator, bool use_microtex_, int hmargin=25)
virtual ~TeXView ()
void set_use_microtex (bool)
void update_image ()
 Update the TeX image. More...
void dim (bool)
 Dim the output to indicate that the result is no longer guaranteed to be correlated with the input cell from which it was derived. More...

Public Attributes

std::shared_ptr< TeXEngine::TeXRequestcontent
sigc::signal1< bool, DTree::iterator > show_hide_requested
DTree::iterator datacell
Gtk::Revealer rbox
Gtk::VBox vbox
Gtk::HBox hbox
TeXArea image
sigc::signal1< bool, std::string > tex_error

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool on_button_release_event (GdkEventButton *) override
virtual void on_show () override
void convert ()

Private Member Functions

float text_size () const

Private Attributes

bool use_microtex

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TeXView()

TeXView::TeXView ( TeXEngine eng,
DTree::iterator  it,
bool  use_microtex_,
int  hmargin = 25 

◆ ~TeXView()

TeXView::~TeXView ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ convert()

void TeXView::convert ( )

◆ dim()

void TeXView::dim ( bool  d)

Dim the output to indicate that the result is no longer guaranteed to be correlated with the input cell from which it was derived.

◆ on_button_release_event()

bool TeXView::on_button_release_event ( GdkEventButton *  )

◆ on_show()

void TeXView::on_show ( )

◆ set_use_microtex()

void TeXView::set_use_microtex ( bool  use_microtex_)

◆ text_size()

float TeXView::text_size ( ) const

◆ update_image()

void TeXView::update_image ( )

Update the TeX image.

Member Data Documentation

◆ content

std::shared_ptr<TeXEngine::TeXRequest> cadabra::TeXView::content

◆ datacell

DTree::iterator cadabra::TeXView::datacell

◆ engine

TeXEngine& cadabra::TeXView::engine

◆ hbox

Gtk::HBox cadabra::TeXView::hbox

◆ image

TeXArea cadabra::TeXView::image

◆ rbox

Gtk::Revealer cadabra::TeXView::rbox

◆ show_hide_requested

sigc::signal1<bool, DTree::iterator> cadabra::TeXView::show_hide_requested

◆ tex_error

sigc::signal1<bool, std::string> cadabra::TeXView::tex_error

◆ use_microtex

bool cadabra::TeXView::use_microtex

◆ vbox

Gtk::VBox cadabra::TeXView::vbox

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