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cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs Class Reference

#include <DocumentThread.hh>

Public Types

using ColorMap = std::map< std::string, std::string >

Public Member Functions

 Prefs (bool use_defaults=false)
void save ()

Public Attributes

int font_step
bool highlight
bool is_registered
bool is_anonymous
std::map< std::string, ColorMapcolours
std::string git_path
std::string python_path
bool move_into_new_cell
bool tab_completion

Private Attributes

nlohmann::json data
std::string config_path

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ColorMap

using cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::ColorMap = std::map<std::string, std::string>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Prefs()

DocumentThread::Prefs::Prefs ( bool  use_defaults = false)

Member Function Documentation

◆ save()

void DocumentThread::Prefs::save ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ colours

std::map<std::string, ColorMap> cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::colours

◆ config_path

std::string cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::config_path

◆ data

nlohmann::json cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::data

◆ font_step

int cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::font_step

◆ git_path

std::string cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::git_path

◆ highlight

bool cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::highlight

◆ is_anonymous

bool cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::is_anonymous

◆ is_registered

bool cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::is_registered

◆ move_into_new_cell

bool cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::move_into_new_cell

◆ python_path

std::string cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::python_path

◆ tab_completion

bool cadabra::DocumentThread::Prefs::tab_completion

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