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I found a couple of errors in the command vary:

ex1:= \log(A);
vary(_, $A -> \delta{A}$);


ex2:= \ln(A);
vary(_, $A -> \delta{A}$);

, and

ex3:= \sin(A);
vary(_, $A -> \delta{A}$);

. The first and second codes yields nothing. The last one causes the kernel crash. If I made just a stupid mistake in writing a code, please let me know. Thanks.

Best wishes, Yuta

P.S. Kasper, I posted the above in this forum just in case. Sorry if you already kept them in mind.

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It seems that the Cadabra doesn't know about the properties of the these predefined functions.

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In order to implement this right I need to think a bit more: what you want to do really is the domain of a scalar computer algebra system, so I would like to not re-invent the wheel but instead let Sympy do this behind the scenes (even for more complicated expressions). For the time being (the version on github now) I have made this spit out an error so you at least do not get a crash or a nonsense answer. It's on my todo list.

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