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This is a list of tentative topics for tutorial notebooks which have been suggested to me by email or otherwise. If you can think of anything else you would like to see covered, please reply in this thread.

  1. Programming topics, e.g. loading/saving expressions, writing packages, expression traversal.
  2. Differential forms, gauge theories.
  3. Elementary demonstrations in general relativity, e.g. how to derive Einstein equations using vary.
  4. Gravitational waves.
  5. Friedmann equations and related topics.
  6. Advanced pattern matching/substitution (e.g. use of conditionals).
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Hi Kasper, I think this is a great idea and I'd like to make a contribution. I've just finished reworking my old V1.0 codes to suit the new v2.0 syntax (from the papers I wrote ages ago, the Cadabra tutorial and the paper on Riemann normal coordinates). I've learnt a lot in the process (about Cadabra and Python) and I'm very impressed with v2.0. The clean syntax and the close integration with Python is bound to be a winner. I'll be writing the new papers as soon as I get some spare time (which will depend on my work load as exams kick in soon). I'll keep you posted. Cheers, Leo

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Hi Kasper and Leo,

I'd also like to make a contribution.

As a physicist, from my point of view I think that

  • a tutorial on voice 1. would be an excellent way to combine the experience of using the Cadabra manipulator with the opportunity to discover/learn the basic programming logics (seeing their direct projected application in the context of physics). Thanks to its Open Source nature, Cadabra is predisposed to be a valid tool also from this point of view.

  • for the other points, I am convinced that the extension of the code/examples provided to the user in a wide range of fields is always a good thing (the user can learn/use/modify according to the specific interests -> new extensions/ideas for the future).

I am therefore in favor of all the points, specific or less than they are :)

Thanks and regards,


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