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The Graphical user interface window closes on its own without any warning. Please help.

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I'm assuming this is with the binary package? Can you run cadabra2-gtk from the command line and let me know if that spits out any error?

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Yeah. The error it showed was "segmentation fault-cored dumped" and the graphical interface closed.

Do you have any left-over cadabra files from a previous install from source in


You need remove these, e.g. with

sudo rm /usr/local/lib/*cadabra*
sudo rm /usr/local/bin/cadabra*

before the binary package will work.

I checked and couldn't find any leftover cadabra files. I will uninstall and reinstall it and let you know if I run into such error again.

Is it still crashing or has the problem disappeared?

Yeah, its still crashing. For the time being I am using Cadabra1. Will translate back the code to Cadabra2, after the next update. Thanks.