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I have Mathematica installed on my computer and want to use Mathematica to simplify the scalar part an expression using the simplify algorithm, for which I tried using

But, it shows "None" as output meaning. How can I thus connect Mathematica and Cadabra?

In particular I tried,

ex:= (\sin{x}**2 + \cos{x}**2) A_{m};

Which doesn't set sinx^2+cosx^2=1.

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Brown paper bag situation. I simplified some of the source just before release of 2.2.0, which had the side effect that simplify does not see the Mathematica backend... I have just pushed changes to github which fix this (and your example works with those fixes).

If you don't want to recompile, try

map_mma(_, "FullSimplify")

which does work with 2.2.0 (but is of course less clean because you can't switch back to Sympy easily).

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By the way, the 'None' output after the first line is to be expected. The function kernel does not return anything, and the Cadabra ';' postfix thus has nothing to print. As usual in Python, you get None.