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I'm interested in contribute documenting the algorithms and properties of Cadabra.

As a first step, I forked the repository. Then, I created a new branch called documentation, and start the conversion of a couple of algorithms.

I've tried to create a pull request for the changes... but it seems to be a problem with something called Travis CI!


  • Which branch should I create the request to? feature/python3 or master?

  • Is it a (real) problem the Travis CI build ?

  • Do you have any suggestions for the best practises of development?


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Ignore the errors reported by Travis. It's an automatic build system that will attempt to compile cadabra after any commit, but will fail when it is done by people other than me. Haven't yet had time to sort this out.

If you make changes, it's best to branch off master.

A guide for developers is in the making but there are only 27 hours in every day...

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