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Is there a way to simplify expressions like

$$\frac{1}{2}\partial^{b c}{h_{b c}}+\frac{1}{2}\partial^{b}{}_{c}{h{b}{}^{c}}+\frac{1}{2}\partial_{b}{h} \partial^{c}{h_{c}{}^{b}}+\frac{1}{4}\partial_{b}{h} \partial\{c}{h^{c b}}$$

Ideally I wouldn't have to create a substitute command for each type of pattern, since the expression has many other forms like these where one just wants to raise an index on a tensor and lower the same index on another tensor.

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I assume that indices are raised/lowered with the flat metric at this stage? If that's correct, by far the easiest way is to re-declare your indices as 'type=free', e.g.


(use the same set as the original one of course). Then canonicalise will do the job of collecting terms like you wrote here.

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