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I obtain some results from cadabra2

For example

A_{a b c d} + B_{c d}^{e f} + \cdots

what i want to do is using this expression as new expression and compute further
i.e., make new cadabra files starting with this expression.

Now i have in trouble dealing with exporting outcomes.

First i try export the former cadabra file in terms of tex and html, and paste their expression to newly one, but it does not work for cadabra.

For cadabra1, seeing from tex file i can do paste the results without burden but seems cadabra2, in their tex expression, they use \brwrap, "," and so on, so just copy and paste the expression does not work.

Is there any way to export the outcome expression as a cadabra format?
or do i have to erase all the "," \brwrap terms individually?

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Cut-and-paste will work in 2.1.9 to be released shortly.

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The version on github now does cut and paste from notebook output cells to input cells (in cadabra input format) and to other apps (in LaTeX format). Binary packages to follow in a few days.