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Cadabra was working normally but suddenly started to show some strange behaviors. For example, when I try to compile the file in the below link in the graphical interface, it crashes without any message and exits. Or if I add more commands to the file and save it, nothing happens! I mean if I close and open the file again, added lines don't exist!
I removed the installed folder of cadabra and re-installed it from GitHub but the problems persist.
I am using Cadabra on a fresh UBUNTU 16.04.3

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That file contains some weird unicode characters in the cell starting 'testF2', perhaps because you did a cut-n-paste from somewhere else? I have removed those characters (you can just load your notebook into a text editor; it's a json file) and then everything works fine. I will email it to you directly.

It's a known bug that cadabra doesn't handle non-ascii characters very well (https://github.com/kpeeters/cadabra2/issues/38) but it's a bit of a low-priority issue at the moment.

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