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Let's say I have fields with both spin and isospin indices. A great feature of Cadabra is that it can deal with multiple index types -- so I can actually define spin and isospin indices separately. But when I use epsilon_to_delta on products of epsilon tensors with spin and isospin indices, it produces generalized deltas with mixed spin and isospin indices, that I find a little awkward to deal with.

To be more concrete, I define the spin and isospin indices:


In an attempt to keep the spin and isospin space from mixing with each other, I define two EpsilonTensors: $\epsilon_{i j}$ for the spin indices, and $E_{a b}$ for the isospin indices.


# EpsilonTensor for spin indices
\epsilon_{i j}::EpsilonTensor(delta=\delta).
\epsilon^{i j}::EpsilonTensor(delta=\delta).

# EpsilonTensor for isospin indices
E_{a b}::EpsilonTensor(delta=\delta).
E^{a b}::EpsilonTensor(delta=\delta).

Now, epsilon_to_delta works fine for a product like $\epsilon_{i j} \epsilon^{i k}E_{a b} E^{a c}$:

ex:= \epsilon_{i j} \epsilon^{i k} E_{a b} E^{a c};

This immediately gives me $$\delta_{j}^{k} \delta_{b}^{c},$$ as expected. But when I try the same thing in a different order, such as $E_{a b} \epsilon_{i j} \epsilon^{i k} E^{a c}$:

ex:= E_{a b} \epsilon_{i j} \epsilon^{i k} E^{a c};

I get $$4δ_{aibj} δ^{iakc},$$ where the generalized delta has mixed the two types of indices. I tried with two separate KroneckerDelta for spin and isospin epsilon tensors as well, but it does not seem to help either.

At this point, I have to do expand_delta, distribute, eliminate_kronecker to get to the result I want. Alternatively, sorting the product first and then using epsilon_to_delta avoids this problem too. But can I tell Cadabra to only use epsilon_to_delta on same "type" of EpsilonTensors so that this situation does not arise at all? Is there a better way of achieving this?

I hope the question was clear. Thanks for the help!

I am using Cadabra2 version 2.1.4 compiled from source.

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I knew you were going to point out that bug the moment I typed the answer to your previous question ;-) At the moment, the best workaround is to first sort expressions so that all $\epsilon$s sit next to each other, by doing a sort_product. That will still break when you have an odd number of $\epsilon$s or an odd number of $E$s, so you have to be careful.

I'll schedule a fix for this for 2.1.5 too.

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Haha! Well, thanks for looking into it anyway. I'll try to to work around it until 2.1.5. Good point about odd number of epsilons!