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Hi, the following codes output a wrong result.

{a,b,c,d,e,f# }::Indices(vielbein, values={x,y}, position=independent);
{a,b,c,d,e,f# }::Integer(range=0..1)
\omega^{a b}::AntiSymmetric.
ex:=  xxx  =  \gamma_{a} \gamma_{b} \omega^{a b}  ;

I obtained

$\gamma_x \gamma_y \omega^{y x} +\gamma_y \gamma_x \omega^{x y}$

The right result should be

$\gamma_x \gamma_y \omega^{x y} +\gamma_y \gamma_x \omega^{y x}$

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Zhaozhh, thank you for sharing your findings.

I reproduce your unexpected behaviour (a global minus sign)\, while using version `Version 2.4.3 (build 2899.366cb44e13 dated 2023-04-10)` running on a Manjaro GNU/Linux system.

Any news over here?

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The evaluate algorithm does not preserve the order of factors in a product at present. I am working on a fix for this; if there's anything new to test/try I will report here.

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Kasper, thank you very much!

Thank you Kasper, we shall be expecting for news.