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Consider the following example:

{a, b}::Indices.
test:=\sqrt{-\det{G_{a b}};
substitute(_,$G_{a b}->g_{a b}+\epsilon h_{a b}$);

How to expand a series to a first-order term for $\epsilon$ using the function map_sympy?

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I might be mistaken, but I don't think that could be done. To my knowlegde sympy does not manage tensor components. However, I leave you the link to the manual (series expansions).

However, we did a sort of manual approximation to get a result, check the user notebooks, or equivalently the section 5 of our pre-print Cadabra and Python algorithms in General Relativity and Cosmology I: Generalities.

Although you won't find an answer to your question there, I hope they serve to give you alternative perspective.


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Oh, I've seen the information you provided before, but as you said, the problem has not been solved. Still appreciate the information.