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I do not understand why does the meld function mixes different sets of indices. For example in the following example :

{K,L,M}::Indices(name="Parent",position=independent). {a,b,c}::Indices(name="Descendent1",position=independent). {i,j,k}::Indices(name="Descendent2",position=independent).

ex1 := T^{a} T {a} + T^{i} T {i}; meld(ex1);

The output is

2 T^{a} T _{a}

whereas I was not expecting the meld function to do anything. Can someone gives me an hand on this, please ?

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This works as intended on my installation of Cadabra 2.3.8. Can you try that version please and let me know whether the problem persists?

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