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Hello everyone! In my computations I need to define some arbitrary field function, for example F, which dependes on field of my theory p(x). I tryed to define p like a coordinate and then set that pi depends on all other coordinates, as follows:

{t, x, y, p}::Coordinate.
K::Depends(t,x,y, p).

But then I take the derivative with respect to p, I am getting a vector index so it doesn't work for me. I've tryed to define some 'special' derivative for p, but this interferes with further calculations in components. I also tryed to write something like

map_sympy(F, 'Function("F")(p))

but it didn't work. It seems to me that I don't see some very simple option.

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Can you give a complete example of how you expected it to work/what you are trying to do?

Well, I'm trying to define function composition f(g(x)) so that I can differentiate with respect to both g and x and while differentiating with respect to x fulfills the rule of differentiation of function composition.

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