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Sometimes, then I am running meld(); it shows kernel crashed, for example:


h_{m? n?}::Metric.
h^{m? n?}::InverseMetric.
h_{m? n?}::Symmetric.
h^{m? n?}::Symmetric.
F_{m? n?}::AntiSymmetric.
h_{m n}::Depends(\partial{#}).
h^{m n}::Depends(\partial{#}).
\Gamma^{\alpha}_{\mu\nu}::TableauSymmetry(shape={2}, indices={1,2}).
\Gamma^{m}_{n q}::TableauSymmetry(shape={2}, indices={1,2}).
ex := 1/2 h^{a b} F_{n b} \partial_{a}(\pi) \partial_{m}(\psi) (\phi)**2 +  1/2 h^{a b} F_{m b} \partial_{a}(\pi) \partial_{n}(\psi) (\phi)**2-A_{m} \partial_{a}(\phi) \partial_{b}(\pi) \partial_{n}(\psi) \phi h^{a b}-A_{n} \partial_{a}(\phi) \partial_{b}(\pi) \partial_{m}(\psi) \phi h^{a b};



I'm not sure, but may be it happens only in a case of combination rename_dummies and meld.

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This does not crash for me with the current github master branch. Are you using that version or something earlier?

I'm using cadabra2-2.3.2-ulyana, and I tried this piece of code again, and it crashes when I try to execute the last 3 lines a second time. In a larger program, it usually crashes the first time. enter image description here

enter image description here

Ok, I can reproduce this now. WIll have a look.

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