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Hello. In this code

f_{a b c}::AntiSymmetric.
ex:= 2 i f_{a b c} s_{c};
ru1:=f_{1 2 3}=1, f_{3 4 5}=1/2,  f_{4 5 8}= 1/2 \sqrt(3);

rule f_{3 4 5}= f_{4 5 3} not used (is true []_{45}=i \sqrt(3) s_{8} + i s_{3}).

How to get around it?

Thank you.

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At the moment you need to specify all those other non-zero components by hand in the rule too. Let me think if I can come up with a quick workaround for now (the correct solution is obviously for Cadabra to do this automatically for you).

Thank you very much for the answer.

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