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Generic TeX error:

Generic typesetting error; LaTeX failed. Please report a bug. ! Emergency stop. <*> sb10.0.tex No pages of output. Transcript written on texput.log. pdflatex: unrecognized option `--quiet' . See sb10.0.tex to debug this.

I just write a sample code and run it { a, b, c, d }::Indices; ex:= A{a b} B{b c};

Cadabra 2.2.7 in Windows 10. (already installed Anaconda 3 with python3.7 x64 &texlive2020).

what's the problem? need your help.

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The pdflatex of texlive2020 does not seem to understand the --quiet option. If you installed texlive just for cadabra, you may want to remove that and install miktex instead. If you use texlive for other things, this will need to wait until we have time to make a new installer.

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I reinstall win10 and install miktex, and it works now. thanks!

Ok, thanks for letting me know.