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I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a feature request. Anyway...

The single most annoying thing (for me) about using the Cadabra gui interface is that when I create a new cell with alt+Up or alt-Down, the cursor remains in the old cell and I start typing, thinking I'm typing into the new cell, but I'm actually over-typing or corrupting the original cell.

It seems to me that if the user creates a new cell the overwhelmingly likely next activity would be to type something into that new cell. Hence, auto-refocusing the cursor into the new cell seems the most helpful thing to do.

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Press CTRL-up/down immediately afterwards. Given how this is wired to my brain now, I am not very tempted to change it, except maybe as an optional feature.

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Dom has added this as an option; go to Tools then Options and select the relevant option. That's with current master on github.

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