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As per the manual entry for LaTeXForm...

\ket{A??}{q??}::LaTeXForm("|", A??, "\rangle_{", q??, "}").
ex := \ket{n+1}{a};

gives me

| (n+1,a)


GGtst := \GG{1};

gives me G with n?? on top, followed by (1) .

Removing the "??" in the definition of \GG just gives a popup generic Tex error saying that }\GG is not defined.

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These more fancy constructions were introduced in 2.3.0; you need to upgrade if you are running an earlier version.

The second example works (but again, only in 2.3.0 and later) if you do

GGtst := \GG{1};
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Cadabra 2.3 for OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 ?

OK, my LaTexForm seems to work in 2.3.1. The acknowledgement message printed by Cadabra could use a little bit of fixing, since it currently appears as: Attached property LaTeXForm to \stackreln??G. I.e., it's missing the braces.