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Need help with the following code. Trying to show

$\epsilon^{iklm} \epsilon{prlm}
= - 2( \delta
p^i \delta^kr - \delta^ir \delta^k_p ) $

Tried the following code:

yields $2( \deltap^i \delta^kr - \delta^ir \delta^kp )$ without negative sign!

{i,k ,l,m,p,r}::Indices.
\epsilon^{i k l m}::EpsilonTensor(delta = \delta);

eq3 := \epsilon^{i k l m} \epsilon_{p r l m};

enter code here

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Cadabra's epsilon product will always produce a plus sign, irrespective of the signature of the metric. So you'll need to stick in that '-1' by hand if your convention is different.

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