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Hi all. I've a cnb file which takes about 20 minutes to run, and the GUI get stacked around while calculating.

I'd like to be able of run it from the CLI.

After a few minutes I came out with:

cadabra2cadabra file.cnb inputfile

takes the code blocks from the notebook and writes a text file called inputfile. Then,

cadabra2 inputfile > output

returns a text file output with the results. However, it uses non ascii symbols.

Is it possible to get an output that uses LaTeX form instead of non-ascii symbols?

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Set the CADABRA_NO_UNICODE environment variable (to anything non-empty).

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Thank you @kasper for the quick answer. For completeness, the command to set the variable is: export CADABRA_NO_UNICODE="t". I included it into my .bashrc file!