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test :=  A**3 w^i +w^i * 3 * A**3 ;
simplify (test);
canonicalise (test);

the last three lines both shows:

$A^3 w^i + 3 w^i A^3$

however what i want is :
$4 w^i A^3$

how can I collect those terms?

by the way:

  • Cadabra2 do not support TexMacs as frontend, right?
  • How to use auto-complete in cadabra2-gtk or jupyternotebook?

Thanks all of you!

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Use sort_product to bring the factors in the same order.

Cadabra2 does not support TeXmacs anymore; I don't use it myself and no-one else asked for it, but supporting it would still require a non-trivial time commitment on my end.

There is no auto-completion as of yet, but it is on the todo list.

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