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It would be useful to be able of provide extra properties to the expressions, that allow Cadabra, SymPy or Mathematica to improve their simplification algorithms.

An existing example is the property Integer. It could be useful to include others like Real, Positive, Negative, or even a sort of In([<list of values>])


Is any of these properties currently defined?

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Do you have a particular type of simplification in mind which we currently do not handle? Handling assumptions is a very broad problem...

Hi @kasper. So far none in particular, but given the expressions returned by SymPy, I believe that the simplification problem lies in the lack of assumptions.

That may well be possible, but there is no such thing as a generic way to handle assumptions. Sympy can handle some, but it all depends on the details. If you have a concrete example, we can take this further to see if it makes sense to let Cadabra feed that info to Sympy.

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