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I found two problems in the 'combine(_)' algorithm.

The first is that it does not take into account the commuting rules of the objects:

ex:= a b;

The output for this code is the following.

a b a^{m} b_{m} (b a)

The second problem is that it seems that it is not possibile to make some indices implicit, unless they are in the order lower-upper position, respectively. For example:

{\alpha, \beta, \gamma, \delta}::Indices.
M::ImplicitIndex(M_{\alpha \beta}).
ex:= a M a;

The output in this case is:

a M a a^{\alpha} M{\alpha \beta} a^{\beta} a^{\alpha} M{\alpha \beta} a^{\beta}

combine(_) does not do anything to the expression.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Thanks for reporting. Yes, combine has various issues, some of which are reported elsewhere on this Q&A. I'm on holiday right now, plan to look into this when I'm back. Will keep you posted here.

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I'm pleased to report that the AntiCommuting issue has just been fixed in git. In your expression that is unaffected by combine(_), it sounds like that's just because you didn't put an indexbracket around M.

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