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I just updated to the latest version (2.2.7, the git-master branch) and cannot use cdb.sympy.solvers anymore. On the version before, it was working just fine.

I also looked into the solvers.cnb notebook. While dsolve still does it's job, using linsolve causes the kernel to just load endlessly and I have to restart it.

I hope it is not just a problem with my python version, but i get this on two different pcs running on the latest Fedora with Python 3.7.3.

Best Regards, Karim

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This looks like the parser hanging somewhere, probably related to the UTF8 changes that went into 2.2.7. Will have a look.

Hello @kasper and @Karim. I've found a (perhaps) related bug. I was checking the example cadabra2/examples/sympy_examples.cnb, after a few evaluations, the prompt started to jump back to previous lines

Cadabra notebook shot

Notice that I evaluated expr.args; and the result was returned three cells before (when I assigned ex)

That doesn't look related. @doxdrum, can you reproduce this? If not, do you remember whether you did anything else except evaluating cells?

@kasper: I mention it could be related because the strange behaviour started after calling SymPy. I just opened the notebook provided on the git repository, and run it! without changing a single line.

I can assure that my system has a working SymPy instalation, it does work (for example) through map_sympy.

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The new UTF8 parser barfed on a double backslash. Still not quite sure why, but I have corrected that in the core/packages/cdb/sympy/solvers.cnb file and this package should work now again. Update on github master.

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Thanks for the fix! Quick as always :)