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This was already mentioned by another user, but the post is 1.5 years old and this nearly made me give up on this program before I even started using it properly. So I would like to ask again for a fix or at least a disclaimer.

The problem is that Cadabra crashes without error warning, if a non-ASCII letter was used in the cell that is being compiled. It does not matter if the letter was erased before compiling. Once it has been typed in the cell, it is corrupt and causes a crash on compiling.

This is bound to happen by accident if the user does not have an US Keyboard-Layout and it is really hard to see what causes the crashes (since one erases the problematic characters after mistyping and non-US keyboards are full of them). Even if one aware of the problem it is still really hard to deal with because one has to rewrite a complete cell because of a mistype or start learning the US-Layout.

Would you please fix this or at least make the problem known so that no one gives up on Cadabra because of frequent, unexplainable crashes.

Thanks for your work, Karim

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This should now be fixed with the current version on github. There are still a few issues with actually using non-ascii symbols in Cadabra expressions, but the crashes are gone.

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Thank you! That was really quick.