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HI Folks,

I have an expression such as

   foo := t0 A + t2 B + t13 C;

and I like to easily replace each of the t* scalars with 1. So my target result is

   foo := A + B + C;

Using something like

   substitute (foo, $t? -> 1$)

fails because it replaces all objects with 1, not just the scalars. Is there a simple way to do this properly for any expression like the above, no matter how many terms?


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foo := t0 A + t2 B + t13 C;
substitute(foo, $t? | \regex{t?}{"t[0-9]*"} -> 1$);

The structure of this replacement rule is described in the reference guide chapter on patterns.

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Hi Kasper,

Many thanks for the quick reply. That page has all the details that I need, many thanks. I have a vague recollection that I've seen this page before but I can't seem to find it by navigating from the cadabra.science web page.


It always was in the old reference guide, and I put it on the web under 'manual' this morning

I just refreshed my browser, now I can see the page. Thanks.

Sorry, help, not manual. That by itself shows that this needs fixing...