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PreClean.hh File Reference
#include "Algorithm.hh"

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 Functions to handle the exchange properties of two or more symbols in a product.


void cadabra::pre_clean_dispatch (const Kernel &kernel, Ex &ex, Ex::iterator &it)
void cadabra::pre_clean_dispatch_deep (const Kernel &k, Ex &tr)
void cadabra::cleanup_updown (const Kernel &k, Ex &, Ex::iterator &it)
 Cleanup for individual node types. More...
void cadabra::cleanup_rational (const Kernel &, Ex &, Ex::iterator &st)
void cadabra::cleanup_frac (const Kernel &, Ex &tr, Ex::iterator &st)
void cadabra::cleanup_sqrt (const Kernel &, Ex &tr, Ex::iterator &st)
void cadabra::cleanup_sub (const Kernel &, Ex &tr, Ex::iterator &it)
void cadabra::cleanup_indexbracket (const Kernel &k, Ex &, Ex::iterator &it)
 Convert parser output which indicates an indexbracket to an actual indexbracket node. More...
std::string cadabra::replace_all (std::string const &original, std::string const &from, std::string const &to)
 Replace all occurrances of 'from' with 'to', return result (does not replace in-place). More...